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Hello and Welcome to the National Association for Healthcare Security

The National Association for Healthcare Security was formed in 1994, as a non profit making professional organisation in the United Kingdom. The NAHS works to continually improve security in healthcare facilities through training and the exchange of information and experiences. We aim to promote co-operation and development amongst our members and provide them with current information through conferences, meetings and events; designed to meet the challenges and complexities of protecting modern medical facilities.

Healthcare Security is one of the most complex security functions. We aim to support and enable healthcare provision through the delivery of professional security; ultimately enhancing the healthcare environment.

The NAHS, as a stakeholder in healthcare security, supports NHS Protect (NHSP) as it develops the strategic direction and development of NHS healthcare security. This is already reflected in meetings with, and membership of, NHSP working parties and committees by members of the NAHS.

The NAHS is pleased to support the Healthcare Security Officer Training programme developed in partnership with AEGIS. This new healthcare specific training course supersedes the NAHS Healthcare Security Officer Foundation (Basic) Training Course previously taught in Bristol and London.

Save the date! 

NAHS 2018 Conference

8th November 2018 – Birmingham


NHS Standards

On 1st April 2017, NHS Protect responsibilities for security management ceased.

The 2017/18 NHS Standards - Security Management (Commissioners, Providers), remain applicable*, until 1st April 2018.

* Commissioners and Providers should utilise the standards, so far as reasonably practicable. It is acknowledged that some elements of the standards will not be attainable, due to the recent changes in security management functionality, ownership and oversight.

Links to the documents are below. Please click the relevant title to open the document:

 Security Standards for Commissioners

 Security Standards for Providers

NHS Standards update

NHS Standards update can be read here:


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Executive and Award Winners 2017

Congratulations to the winners:

NAHS 2017 Awards Nomination - Contribution to Sector
Mike Lees Barnsley

NAHS 2017 Awards Nomination - Security Team
Security Team UHB Trust and BSMHFT

NAHS 2017 Awards Nomination -Security Officer
Luke Etherington

NAHS 2017 Awards Nomination - Security Supplier
Alex Fisher - WASP Security Sheffield

NAHS working with Crimestoppers


NAHS working with Crimestoppers