NHS Terror threat? Following #JesuisCharlie and events in Belgium.

Following the events in Paris & Belgium and the recent brief on UK homeland security by the NaCSTO, many NHS Trusts and Security departments are reviewing their procedures against the lessons the that world is learning.
NHS Protect have reiterated that:
“There still no intelligence that would indicate that the NHS is specifically targeted as an organisation.” However “It maybe useful at this time to review your respective organisations various anti Terror contingencies ie, lockdown and emergency evacuation and also major incident response and security support if such incident were to happen.”
The NAHS supports and re-issues this message. Having the time to invest in prevention and preparation for such events are paramount for Trusts being able deal with and recover from any such situation that may occur within our infrastructure.
A useful aid for NHS workers is the Operation Fairway resource.
Operation Fairway delivers counter-terrorism information via a twenty minute drama to raise awareness of suspicious activity and encourage reporting to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline.
The Video can be accessed here: http://im.perial.tv/thesource32.htm
Your Local Police forces will also have information about The Counter Terrorism Project Griffin courses that are worth sending your staff on. www.projectgriffin.org.uk 

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